Mingling traditional Latin rhythms with the urban sounds of Europe.


    We are a Latin-European music band. We come from Chile, Colombia and Germany, and our passion is to unite those different cultures in a modern view to World music. Currently we are based in Berlin and Munich.


    Latin rhythms – Cumbia, Son and Salsa – are our foundation, crossed by Caribbean reggae vibes and electric guitar riffs. To finish the mixture, we garnish with a little Gypsie and some Hip-Hop. The result is a crisp and powerful sound that will see you both dwelling in daydreams and dancing alike.




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    Munich, 2017. Thank you Ander Art Festival for inviting us to play at Odeonsplatz. It was a pleasure! Thanks also to Daniela Pulido for filming!


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    We all have felt it, at least once in our lifetime: losing our heads completely in love. Sometimes we can't be sure though – is it for our better or for our worse? Our first video-clip, shot in Barcelona.


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    The first song on our album. Many thanks to Gasteig in Munich for letting us use their studio, and to Tomas Guichet for filming!

    Calle mambo

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    Calle Mambo tour dates 2017

    10 November


    München, Germany

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    13 October

    Jugendbürgerhaus PROFIL

    Garching, Germany
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    30 September


    München, Germany
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    23 September

    Ander Art

    München, Germany
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    08 - 10 September

    STRAMU Würzburg

    Würzburg, Germany
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    2 September

    Ois Giasing!

    München, Germany
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    19 August

    Blühendes Barock

    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    17 & 18 August

    Chiemsee Summer Festival

    Übersee, Germany

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    05 August

    REWAG-Nacht in Blau

    Regensburg, Germany

    28 - 29 July


    Feldkirch, Austria
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    26 July

    Sinnflut Festival

    Erding, Germany

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    08 July

    Stadtfest Kempten

    Kempten, Germany

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    30 June - 01 July

    Festival Fantastika

    Freistadt, Austria

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    25 June

    Musiksommer 2017

    Therme Erding, Germany
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    15 June

    Taste & Style 2017

    Flughafen München, Germany
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    09 June


    München, Germany

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    02 - 04 June


    Ludwigsburg, Germany

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    01 June

    AFRO Pfingsten

    Winterthur, Switzerland
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    25 May


    München, Germany

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    We are Singing Sailors, Colombian Folklore, German Piano and Caribbean Drums. We are Latin America and Europe. We are subculture and folklore.

    Jhon Moreira: Latin Music from Chile to München

    Jhon Valle

    The Singing Sailor from Chile

    Jhon comes from a place that people call the bottom of the world: Punta Arenas in the far south of Patagonia, Chile. His family were all fishermen, hunting for the precious Bacalao fish out in the antarctic waters. One of his uncles devoted his free-time to teach Jhon the drums. Jhon was hooked on, went to study music at the 'Universidad de Valparaíso', and finished with a firm desire to go to Europe and play the Spanish Guitar. But Jhon was young, and travels costly. He had to follow his father's footsteps and at the age of 18, became a sailor in the Strait of Magellan. After little more than two years though, Jhon had enough of the waters. With all his savings, he set off to Spain, looking for a place that would sure teach him the Spanish Guitar: the streets of Barcelona. He learned to play Rumba and Flamenco, studied vocals and experimented with Hip-Hop. One day, on tour with a former band, Jhon met Coto – Calle Mambo was born.

    Jhony Tambó: Colombian Folklore Music in Germany

    Jhony 'Tambó' Giraldo

    The Colombian Folklore Artist

    Jhony Tambó was born and raised in Pereira, in the heart of Colombia's tropical coffee zone. One day in elementary school, Tambó was struck by a group of children making music in the yard with different drums and pipes. The intensity and rhythmic determination of their music left little Tambó deeply impressed. For the years to come, he travelled through Colombia in order to learn about the different local folkloric percussion styles, and finally, at the Atlantic coast, fell in love with the "Tambor Alegre". In 2008, when representing Colombia at the International Folklore Festival in France, Jhony got fascinated by the idea to combine the Tambor with a broader scope of music – he moved to study at the 'Escuela de Música Moderna' in Barcelona, where he met Jhon. With Calle Mambo, his passion resides in sharing with the world the mix of Colombian Indigenous, African and Colonial music, that so well represents the cultural fusion of his home country.

    Ali Fischer: Piano for Cumbia, Son cubano & Salsa in München

    Alexandra 'Ali' Fischer

    The German Keyboard Lover

    At the age of nine, in the little Bavarian village of Kloster Indersdorf, her parents gave little Ali a melodica. She loved the keys, but hated the blowing. Hence she decided to only play the keys – while dad had to do all the blowing. After a year, dad bought a piano. More keys, less blowing. Ali’s love for keys just grew stronger, and over the years she added the Hammond organ, the accordion, and other iconic keyboards such as the Clavinet or the Rhodes. Consequently, she went to study piano at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Munich, and at the same time started touring with Jazz, Blues and Rock’n’Roll bands, such as Little Martin & the Roosters. Ali got into Latin music when her piano teacher, Larry Porter, introduced her to Brasilian Bossanova and the Buena Vista Social Club. She was seized by the affectionate yet elegant language, and by the senses of love, adventure and wild parties. So when she heard word of a modern Latin project looking for a pianist, she was all in for Calle Mambo.

    Alexis Kúncar: Bolivian guitar in München

    Coto Mezzano

    The Chilean Sound Engineer

    Coto grew up in the famous plains of Atacama Desert in the north of Chile. After his grandpa died, Coto found a tape of him singing and playing the guitar. Form that moment, he wanted to become a musician as great as his grandpa. When his cousin brought a white electric guitar from a visit to the US, Coto's dream could become reality. Unfortunately though, Coto wasn't allowed to touch the precious instrument. A rebel he is, he went to buy his own guitar from his first pocket money, and started to study from books. He did his job well: Many years later, Coto was accepted to the "Conservatorio de Música Clásica de Valparaíso". Here he learned from his one-handed guitar teacher who had lost one arm in an accident, that limitations are only inner barriers. After five years of studying, Coto ran out of money and was not accepted to the final exams for not paying his fees. He sold all his belongings, bought a ticket to Barcelona and swore to never return to Chile. In Spain, Coto played with a variety of bands and finally founded Calle Mambo together with Jhon. For Coto, his music is the only possibility to "connect with his demonized soul and enjoy the time".

    Donalddrums: Latin Concerts in Munich

    Donald Manuel

    The Caribbean Drummer

    Donald comes straight from the heart of the Caribbean: the Colombian archipelago of San Andrés. Maybe not the most expected thing from a Caribbean islander, Donald started his musical life with the piano. At the age of eleven, he turned to the drums and stayed with it ever since, albeit adding base, keyboard and guitar to his repertoire at a later stage. From San Andrés, Donald went to Cali, the capital of Colombian Salsa, where he studied music at the 'Universidad del Valle', and further on to Bogotá, studying drums at the 'Escuela de Musica y Audio Fernando Sor'. Here, he made his mark as a drummer in international projects, and became known as Donalddrums. Finally, it wasn't for music but for love, that he went to Munich, founded a family, and joined Calle Mambo. With every song and with every performance, says Donald, he "hands over to the listeners his heart, his joy and his life" – a stance he seeks to take not only in musical terms, but in all human interactions of every day life.


    It was early 2014. We were happy with our music, and we all wanted to produce our first album together. But we didn't have the means for hiring a recording studio. So how would we go on?


    The real-life soap opera.

    Fortunately, we had our own professional recording equipment at hand. So we simply rented an old, big, run-down house, moved in all together – and built up our own studio! For a whole year, we lived in that house and worked hard on recording our album. We wrote, we sang, we rehearsed. We sweat, we laughed, we cried. There were fights and there was drama – it sometimes felt like being part of a TV soap opera.


    Our "handcrafted" music album.

    But we came out as close friends, and with the album in our hands that we had wished for so much – all done by ourselves. Thanks to the large rooms in the house, our home-made studio actually had the brightest and richest acoustics you would ever imagine. In hindsight, we couldn't have dreamed of anything better!

    We proudly present the magic result of our one year lock-away:
    Our first album – Calle Mambo!


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